Services Overview

At ACE we offer a variety of session types to start or progress your student on their RPM journey. Within each option is learning opportunities for care givers, parents and other important people in the student’s life. Support services and materials are also available for purchase; ACE staff is happy to discuss your specific situation to determine which services and materials best fit your needs.

Regardless of the 1:1 setting chosen, during all sessions our Senior Certified RPM Provider will determine your student’s internal knowledge base, current academic level and what RPM materials will create the most successful environment for them. Towards the end of the session set she will take the time to speak with you directly about lesson planning and the basics of getting started so you can move forward with RPM once you return home. If you are continuing your RPM journey she will take time to assess where your student is in the process and establish the goals for moving forward. A foundation principal at ACE is to spread awareness about RPM and enable parents/professionals to carry on the program in the home setting so all sessions are geared towards building understanding of RPM and the technique for parents and professionals. For those currently working with their students, we highly encourage taking a portion of their sessions to work in front of Erika and receive feedback on their RPM session.

Green Bay Office

Local Sessions

We hold sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, weekly, for our local clients living within the surrounding Green Bay area.

30 Minute Session

Each 30 minute session provides 25 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes standard professional allowance for transition to the next appointment.


45 Minute Session

Each 45 minute session includes 40 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes standard professional allowance for transition to the next appointment.


Thursday/Friday Sessions

These sessions are for student from the tri-state area (WI, MN, IL) who can travel to Green Bay for two sessions- one 45 minute session with a break followed by another 30 minute session on the same day; most clients do these monthly. Each session has a 5 minute standard professional transition time included.

2-a-Day Student Sessions



Campers travel to Green Bay, WI for four consecutive days of sessions, running Tuesday through Friday, for a total of 8 RPM sessions. Each day includes a 45 minute session with a break followed by a 30 minute session. Each session has a 5 minute standard professional transition time included.

4 Day Camp

Please Contact For Pricing

ACE Academy – Full Day School/Day Program

For student who come to us for full day homeschooling or day program initiatives, ACE strives to provide a safe, stimulating and respectful environment that promotes cognitive, artistic, social and physical growth of students. The center of this program is the theory of RPM used in furthering education sessions, gross motor, fine motor, art, music, life skills, vocational skills and hobby development. Each student has a schedule with targeted goals in each of these area and overall goals for skill generalization across environments and increasing extraction, focus and motor planning.

Distance Support

Virtual Consultations

Accomplish the goals you have set for your student without having to leave home. We offer virtual consultation with clients to help reach your RPM goals. Our provider observes and offers constructive feedback while you put our method in practice. Sessions are available for 30 minutes or one hour.

Initial: For someone who has not yet seen an RPM provider you have the option of scheduling a one-hour introduction sessions where our Senior Certified RPM Provider will go over the basics of how to get started using RPM and answer any questions you may have before starting.

Feedback Sessions: If you are already working with your student we can just move forward with scheduled feedback sessions. You can choose between 30 minutes or a one-hour time slot. You have the option to work live during the sessions via a video conferencing program such as Skype or Facetime, otherwise you can send a short-prerecorded video. Our Senior Certified Provider will take a small portion of the session to observe your implementation of RPM and the rest of the time will be used to give you feedback, set goals for your next feedback session and answer any questions you may have.

Virtual Consultations- per 30 minutes


Traveling and School Services

Workshops: Let us come to you for your RPM sessions. Our traveling workshops are offered to clients who need our help in any location worldwide. We have a variety of schedules to choose from that accommodate a single family up to 6 or more students and preferences for a partial day or a full day. Workshops are intimate sessions that show students their capabilities and guide parents toward appropriate applications of our method for their child. We provide this service in your home or in a central location to minimize the inconvenience for you.

Workshop costs vary based on number of students and number of days.

Please inquire with ACE (contact us form, email or phone) for more information on workshop types, specifics, availability, and price.

School Consulting: ACE will work closely with your school to create a customized package that takes into consideration the set up of the school, current use of RPM and goals for the student (both RPM and IEP). School Consulting packages are a mixture of in-person consultation time where our provider will travel to the school for a hands-on consulting experience. Our Senior Certified Provider works closely with teachers/paraprofessionals to teach them the basics of RPM through demonstration and observation. The main goal of school consulting is to help schools, through teachers and paraprofessionals, implement RPM in the school setting while taking into consideration the specific school environment. In-person consultation services work in conjunctions with virtual consultations to increase the staff's understanding of RPM, provide staff support, and progress in the RPM method by meeting joint goals of the student.

School Consulting service costs vary based on package specifics.

Please inquire with ACE (contact us form, email or phone) for more information on school consulting specifics, availability, and price.


ACE has a selection of letterboards, stencils boards and Books written by Soma Mukhopadhyay, the creator of RPM.

Please contact ACE (contact us form, email or phone) for more specifics on inventory options and pricing.

Monthly Lessons Subscription

For those just starting RPM, deciding what topics to teach and having to prepare lessons in an already busy world can take more time than you have. ACE has created premade RPM lessons that are delivered monthly right to your email. These RPM formatted lessons cover a variety of all subjects and current events to keep your teaching fresh and interesting. They are formatted for written choices, verbal choice and direct response with precommunication opportunities to build communication skill throughout the lesson.

For more information and an example lesson please contact ACE directly (contact us form, email or phone).

Part-Time Monthly Lesson Subscription (12 lessons)


Full-Time Monthly Lesson Subscription (25 lessons)