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Services Overview

At ACE we offer a variety of session types to start or progress your student on their RPM journey. Within each option is learning opportunities for care givers, parents and other important people in the student’s life. Support services and materials are also available for purchase; ACE staff is happy to discuss your specific situation to determine which services and materials best fit your needs.

Regardless of the 1:1 setting chosen, during all sessions our Senior Certified RPM Provider will determine your student’s internal knowledge base, current academic level and what RPM materials will create the most successful environment for them. Towards the end of the session set she will take the time to speak with you directly about lesson planning and the basics of getting started so you can move forward with RPM once you return home. If you are continuing your RPM journey she will take time to assess where your student is in the process and establish the goals for moving forward. A foundation principal at ACE is to spread awareness about RPM and enable parents/professionals to carry on the program in the home setting so all sessions are geared towards building understanding of RPM and the technique for parents and professionals. For those currently working with their students, we highly encourage taking a portion of their sessions to work in front of Erika and receive feedback on their RPM session.