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RPM Materials

Simply put, these are the materials that will help you facilitate the Rapid Prompting Method. There is a vast selection of materials to assist your RPM needs- from flexible plastic letter boards to the hard stencil boards, ACE can help you find what you and your student need to progress through your RPM journey.

To find more information about any of the materials listed on this page, please contact ACE directly (contact us form, email or phone).


  Monthly Lessons Subscription

For those just starting RPM, deciding what topics to teach and having to prepare lessons in an already busy world can take more time than you have. ACE has created premade RPM lessons that are delivered monthly right to your email. These RPM formatted lessons cover a variety of all subjects and current events to keep your teaching fresh and interesting. They are formatted for written choices, verbal choice and direct response with precommunication opportunities to build communication skill throughout the lesson.

For more information and an example lesson please contact ACE directly (contact us form, email or phone).