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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

School Consulting

ACE will work closely with your school to create a customized package that takes into consideration the set up of the school, current use of RPM and goals for the student (both RPM and IEP). School Consulting packages are a mixture of in-person consultation time where our provider will travel to the school for a hands-on consulting experience. Our Senior Certified Provider works closely with teachers/paraprofessionals to teach them the basics of RPM through demonstration and observation. The main goal of school consulting is to help schools, through teachers and paraprofessionals, implement RPM in the school setting while taking into consideration the specific school environment. In-person consultation services work in conjunctions with virtual consultations to increase the staff's understanding of RPM, provide staff support, and progress in the RPM method by meeting joint goals of the student.

School Consulting service costs vary based on package specifics.

Please inquire with ACE (contact us form, email or phone) for more information on school consulting specifics, availability, and price.